Our ice creams are churned on site in each of our locations 3 litres at a time with a whole lotta love, and the highest quality ingredients that Africa has to offer.  While the majority of our ice creams are made with milk, cream, and sugar, we do offer flavours that are made with xylitol, as well as vegan flavours. We love you!

Mission & Vision


Before Kristen started making ice cream, she was born in the Midwest of America, and then ate her way around the globe while working as a Registered Nurse. Kristen spent the best part of the last 10 years in the hustle and bustle of New York City before falling in love, and settling in magical Cape Town with her husband, Mark, gorgeous son, Charlie, sweet baby daughter Evelyn May – and their puppies, Harry, Humphrey, and Petunia Lemon.