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What will I get?
8 x 180ml "lil bits" tubs of our upcoming flavours delivered to your door every month.

What is the price?
350 Rand including delivery

When do I pay?
First payment when you sign up. Following payment will be automatically deducted on the first of the next delivery month. 

When do I get my ice cream?Between the 24th and 26th of the current month, 

When is the order cut off time for the current month's subscription delivery?
The 20th of the current month

I placed my order on the 22nd of the month, what now?
You will pay when you sign up, and then again on the first of the month for your second delivery. 

*example- pay June 18th, receive your first subscription delivery June 24th, second payment instalment will be July 1.*

*example- pay June 22, receive your first subscription delivery July 24th, second payment instalment will be August 1.*

Can I make substitutions?
For now, no. Sorry! We hope to offer this in the future once we iron out the inevitable kinks of starting a completely new product flow. 

How will I know when the delivery will take place?
We will send you a whatsapp with the delivery date and time window. 

What if I'm not home for the delivery?
We will happily take your subscription box to the closest shop for you to pick up at your leisure. As ice cream is a perishable product we will not leave it unsigned for by a responsible party. We will wait a maximum 5 minutes per location with your ice cream safely in our freezer truck before moving on with our deliveries. Our delivery team will be reachable via whatsapp the entire delivery day. We understand this is stressful, and will be as accommodating as we possibly can. 

How do I cancel?
Email us! We will cancel your subscription immediately

Will you ever do an all vegan subscription?
If there is enough interest. Let us know on our socials!

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