Meet Our Kick-Ass Fam: Anika edition

Meet our ‘OG’, Anika – she’s been with us since before the first shop in Noordhoek even opened, around eight years now. Anika started the week before we opened our doors when we were trying to get everything ready and make ice cream for our first day. 

Anika - Kristen's Kick-ass FamilyNobody really knew what they were doing and while Kristen was making all the ice cream, Anika was washing dishes and chopping ingredients, helping out where she could. And week after week, she took on more and more complex roles, to the point where she’s running the kitchen behind the scenes. As Kristen would say, “she’s my left and my right hand.” 

After making all of the ice cream for the first three years, Anika took a shine to the bakery work – she really loves to bake; loves making doughnuts and all our baked goods. Anika became Head Baker and runs all of the baked goods within the factory now – she bakes all of the cookies and makes all of the mix-ins that go into the ice cream. From brownies to marshmallows, koeksisters, and more, any delicious addition to our ice cream is due to Anika.

Mama Anika

So, what’s Anika like in the kitchen? All business! We call her Mama Anika and she runs her kitchen with amazing attention to detail. She makes sure that every single aspect of every single process is done correctly. She’s also completely in sync with Kristen’s vision. In medicine, they say, “Watch one, do one, teach one,” and Anika is a quick learner who teaches everyone else the ropes. 

Anika was instrumental in the opening of the Mauritius shop while Kristen was seven months pregnant, teaching our super scoopers how to make ice cream the Kristen’s Kick Ass way. She’s a natural leader and as Kristen says, is totally amazing. 

We did a Q & A with the legend herself – here’s what Anika had to say!

Q & A

Q: What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not making ice cream?

A: Baking cakes and cookies.

Q: What is your favourite ice cream treat to make?

A: Snickers!

Q: What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

A: Granadilla Cream and Horlicks & Maltballs

Q: If you could create the ice cream flavour of your dreams, what would it be?

A: Milk chocolate with vegan brownies and caramel drizzle.

Q: What’s your favourite thing to cook/bake when you’re at home?

A: I love baking cupcakes and cooking rice and beef stew.

The next time you enjoy a sweet Kristen’s Kick Ass treat, think of Anika and the magic she’s creating behind the scenes – we couldn’t do it without her! ♥︎

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